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This Time......

I'll Fight

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LJ Username: xoathkeeperx

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Character Name: Kairi

Gender: female

Age: 15, She is the same age as Sora.

Appearance: Along with her friends, Sora and Riku, Kairi aged alot over the short year. Her red hair has become longer, now reaching down just past her shoulders. She grew a few inches, but still is shorter then Sora and Riku. Her eyes are blue, just like Sora's. Kairi has a relatively pale complexion, despite living on the Islands.

When she's not in school, Kairi usually wears a white tank top, covered by a zip- up pink dress. On her side is a black bag and she has a black hoodie in the back. There are two zippers on both sides of the dress that run all the way down it, like the main one. She doesn't like wearing alot of jewerly, so she simply wears her moondrop necklace and a bracelet on one wrist. Her light pink boots lace up to her ankles.

Personality: As one of the seven princess of heart, Kairi's heart is entirely pure and contains no darkness. This makes her kind natured and caring. She feels a deep loyalty to her friends and wants to protect them the best she can, she wants to feel always with them, not matter where they go. Kairi can see the good in someone's heart and often looks past appearences, she knew who Riku was even though he looked like Xehanort's heartless.

Of course, Kairi does have a tough side too. She can be a bit bull headed at times and charges into things without thinking when it comes to finding her friends. As quickly as her defenses fall, they can rise back up again to tell off unwanted visitors. She warms up to people right away, but if someone approches her with harmful intentions, she'll know right away. Kairi has always had a good head on her shoulders.

Abilities/Weapons: A rather flowery keyblade Riku gave her. She isn't one to use force unless she needs to, so she rarely uses it. Kairi doesn't have any out of the ordinary ablilties, though her nobody, Namine can alter Sora's memories and the memories of those connected with him.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Kairi's main strength is her sense of loyalty toward her friends and her never ending hope for a happy future together with them on the islands. No matter how bleck the battles get, she is always there to help Sora and Riku, now more then over. She feels very protective towards them.

With every strength, there is weakness. Kairi's is her habit to rush into things a bit too fast, she'd do anything to find her friends and this can lead to trouble at times. She always find her own way out of it though, she's not a "damsel in distress" type.

History: Kairi's adventures began long before Sora's. When she was a little girl, her home world, Radient Garden was destoryed due to the massive amounts of heartless being created there. The world became Hollow Bastion and Kairi was sent to Destiny Islands. On the islands she became good friends of Sora and Riku and often found herself the subject of their fighting. Kairi inspired Riku to seek out different worlds, but when the heartless came, she lost her heart and was cared for by Riku; who would stop at nothing to save her. When Kairi lost her heart, it migrated to Sora. He released her heart, but upon doing so, was turned into a heartless. Despite his form, Kairi knew it was him and shielded him from harm's way. After Sora regained his form, Kairi stayed in Traverse Town. There she gave him her good luck charm, expecting it back.

At the end of their first adventure, Kairi went back to Destiny Islands alone. There she waited for Sora and Riku to return. Shortly after, her memory of Sora was completely erased, though a part of her still rememberd.

When Kairi regained her memories she decided that, waiting for Sora and Riku wasn't good enough. She planned to set out to find them when she was kidnapped by Axel of organization XIII, who was acting on orders of his own. Kairi managed to escape, but she was soon recaptured by Saix. Namine, her nobody saved her and reunited her with Sora again. Back with Sora and Riku she fought off the heartless at the Castle that never was and waited for them when the final battle came.